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MXFserver, all your NLE’s in a network

MXFserver is a software only total solution for film, broadcast and post-production.

It gives editors the freedom to open projects in different editingsystems simultaneously.

CHOOSE Avid®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Final Cut Pro 7®, EDIUS® and/or BM Resolve

SECURE PROJECT SHARING direct from ANY certified highend storage

ADVANCED PROJECT & BIN-LOCKING and unique meta data controller

SUPER FAST secure and exclusive virtual file system

MIX, RE-USE OR MIGRATE (existing) NLE's on Mac and PC in SD,HDor 4K/U-HD; SAVE on your investments

MEDIA MANAGEMENT SUITE with intelligent Ingest, Project, Rights and Storage management

INTEGRATES ALSO with e.g. ProTools®, axle™, EVS, Adobe® Audition®, After Effects®, Prelude® Anywhere®* and others

choose your


choose your

editing system

Release @ IBC 2015

Collaborative Remote Desktop Editing

Adobe® After Effects® multimachine rendering integration

Latest features

Ultra HD/4K support for MXFserver

Virtual File Protection enriched for 4K & remote editing

Educational & Training version 2015 of MXF server

MXFmediabrowser 2015 low res browsing & pre-selection

Adobe® Premiere® Pro integrated Plug-in

Avid® Media Composer 7® with background rendering on storage

Parallel operation with Avid® Isis®


Case studies & white papers

MXFserver is already used by broadcasters, production facilities and universities all around the globe.


Learn how we managed to improve workflows and created collaborative video editing environments by using different storage solutions.

Check out our program during IBC 2015.


Working with MXFserver is easy! We've made videotutorials to help you getting started.


The tutorials cover the basics of our software. If you need a more in-depth tour, please contact us.