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As a company we started more than 30 years ago with the rental of film camera crews and equipment. Over the years professional video became a part of FilmPartners facility company. From special effects to candid camera operations with serious amounts of cameras made FilmPartners (FP) grew into a specialty house based on the early experiences in special needs with film.

'The Big Brother' need

In 1999 the company specialized in portable studio systems. A year later it got it’s assignment from the Endemol® company to facilitate Big Brother® in several countries. This brought along the need to go much deeper into automation as there were hardly any systems that could handle these needs. In 2007 technology at FP peaked with the built of a highly automated 107 camera operation at Talpa® ‘Golden Cage’ in The Netherlands.

MXFserver and Meta-Creator

For operating all the systems with tens of studios in tens of countries each running 24/7 shows with in total thousand+ of Sony dome cameras required special tools that went beyond what is offered even up until today. All these tapes needed to be ingested, metadata needed to be managed, files needed to be transcoded, media browsing, LTO backup and ‘spotting’ on desktop was needed. All made by broadcasters for broadcasters with the industry leading companies to make it work.


First MXFserver operated with tens of Avid® editing systems per location and IBM storage. When deploying it at more and more TV-networks worldwide it was made to work also with/in combination with NLE systems of Adobe® Premiere®,

Final Cut Pro® and nowadays also EDIUS® and Blackmagic’s Davinci Resolve.


Overtime we also made it work with other storage solutions like DataDirect™ NETWORKS, EMC® Isilon, Harmonic® Omneon Mediagrid, IBM®, Marquis, Netapp®, Promise®, Quantum, Tiger, Xenata, Vizrt, Vidispine, XOR and more.


The hardware rental division was seperated. We, the software division, became a development company within the European Media Group. At first the software was only commercially deployed to selected major networks internationally and used within the Euro Media Group.

MXFserver today and tomorrow

Since 2012 MXFserver became part of the European Media Choice Broadcast Group. A broadcast technology sales and development group of companies with offices in The Netherlands, Germany, USA, Asia.


We have the strategy to widen our support to all professional editing systems, to support key related software tools (Pro Tools®, Adobe® packages like After Effects®, Adobe® Audition® and more). Nowadays we support a range of professional storage solutions.


With our new Meta-Creator, MediaBrowser, DIT-box and the unique Remote Desktop Editing we added in 2016 production management tools for use in-house but also @home, on the road or on the (film)set.


In 2017 we already introduced VR-workflow (overcoming the 'out-of-bound' resolutions needed for VR), Task-X (our editing workflow management) and the AfterEffects-server-rendering with MXFserver.


The TV & Entertainment platform of the Film Content Company in Entertainment, Scoop Network and some dutch regional tv stations were the first to publish content from MXFserver to the whitelabel OTT TV-Xperience platform of MediaChoice.


Our future roadmap will be towards further intergration into the palet of software tools used at tv stations and production companies. We will bring you more features for workflow-management, social media/newsroom-management, playout, edit while ingest, remote (live)production, reality and virtual studios.


We foresee that our unique virtual file system will also be used in other fields of technology. We are proud to see MXFserver is currently used not only by post-production companies and in the broadcasting industry, but also in educational, gaming, virtual reality and governmental surroundings.


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