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MXFserver, browse, search, select and share

• Anyone can ‘spot’ from any (remote) pc/laptop and create EDL’s (Windows only)

• Fast and intelligent buffering/caching, shortcuts support

• Supports LOW as well as full HIGH resolution

• Search on project level with built-in search engine, access metadata and check status on projects

• Add axle™ to web-access (archive) footage from any phone, iPad or laptop-pc

• Ingest files (MXF-QuickTime-GoPro®) from camera, local drive or network


MXFmediabrowser makes any desktop pc or laptop

a professional media browsing station.


Journalists, producers and researchers can browse, spot, pre-select video segments, add comments/metadata and output their EDL or AAF.


These Edit Decision Lists (EDL) are made available

to the editing-professionals working on Avid®, Adobe® Premiere® Pro, EDIUS®, DaVinci Resolve®, Final Cut Pro® and/or Autodesk®. You can also have it transcoded based on that EDL to a ready to air file.


This add-on can handle the same MXFserver platform project structure and is fully integrated in many ways.


It is a smart-tool that can be used standalone, in a network or even remotely with an internet connection. It provides the non-professional editors a tool to save costly time of editing experts and on editing systems.


Content can be read from a local hard disk or

the MXFserver Environment including timecodes.


MXFmediabrowser is a complete file based workflow

on any desktop, laptop or windows tablet.

MXFmediabrowser has the feature set for PRO-use while having the ease to use for anyone.


• Fast and intelligent buffering/caching

• Frame accurate video scrolling

• Comfortable to experienced editors

• Mouse control and -the- (I-O-J-K-..) shortcuts




axle™ with MXFserver

Add axle's web based search capabilities to MXFserver if you want to ‘log it – find it – collaborate on it’ from any phone, iPad or laptop.


You can add the Cloud option to echo and stream low res.

Fully integrated with MXFserver.


That’s axle™ with MXFserver.

Radically simple. Making it easy.

Prelude® with MXFserver

Combine Prelude® with MXFserver and you can add basic editing to the features of ingest, log, transcode, export and publish.


Prelude® fully integrates with MXFserver,so you can work faster and stay organized.