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Digital Imaging Technicians (D.I.T.) of film and tv crews have nowadays the need to store and copy Terabytes of data in the field.


The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) has its DIT-Box to manage the recording media

transfer to (LTO) tapes and (SSD)disks, control quality and standards, offer logging for producers, do pre-coloring work (non destructive) to check for needed visual effects and render lowres or HDfiles from the (U)HD/4K media for editing.


A pre-selection can also be transferred to Internet media and send to the home base. Settings and Editing List can be output for Avid, Adobe, FCP and DaVinci.



4K DIT-Box - For on the road

4K DIT-BOX supports XQD and SxS (pro)

In the DIT-Box the Media Utility software reads the XQD and SxS (Pro) cards. The application can make 3 copies of each of 4 memorycards in parallel at the same time.


The copy can be made to an internal drive, external harddisc, an LTO-drive (3.2 to 12.8 TB uncompressed from $30) or other media. After copying the application runs a verification check on the media.


The Media Utility software also formats the cards for new use and runs a quality check on the integration of the card and its datatracks.

2018: DIT-LIVE* adds VLOGS to adventure/reality shows

More often talents of Reality and Adventure shows are asked to create V-logs while being part of a contest. More and more streaming (360) cameras are on the set. FilmPartners developed a system for GoPro Live/mobile phone/tablets streaming within a controlled environment. The contestants can stream live to websites/apps but have no access to other features on the device than provided to them.


The DIT-streamer has the central WiFi station, captures those streams, captures locally, can take recordings off the storage of the mobile devices and restream it in the right format. From the DIT-Streamer the smartphones/tablets can be managed.