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Digital Imaging Technicians of film crews have nowadays the need to store and copy Terabytes of data in the field.


The Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) has its DIT-Box to manage the recording media

transfer to (LTO6) tapes and (SSD)disks, control quality and standards, offer logging for producers, do pre-coloring work (non destructive) to check for needed visual effects and render lowres or HDfiles from the (U)HD/4K media for editing.


A pre-selection can also be transferred to Internet media and send to the home base.

and output as Edit Lists for Avid, Adobe, FCP and DaVinci.



4K DIT-Box - For on the road

DIT-BOX supports XQD and SxS (pro)

In the DIT-Box the Media Utility software reads the XQD and SxS (Pro) cards. The application can make 3 copies of each of 4 memorycards in parallel at the same time.


The copy can be made to an internal drive, an LTO-6 or LTO-7 drive, external hard disk or other media. After copying the application runs a verification check on the media.


The Media Utility software also formats the cards for new use and runs a quality check on the integration of the card and its datatracks.

1 LTO-6 tape = 6.25 TB & 1 LTO-7 tape = 15 TB

LTO tapes can store in compressed or direct data. Uncompressed direct data stores 2.5 or 6 Terabyte. Compressed can take 6.25 (LTO-6) or 15 (LTO-7) Terabyte but is slower. In 500 mbit/s 4K xAVC 50P you can store approximately 4 hours of media per Terabyte. LTO Tape prices start from $ 30 (price level 2017).