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• No copying at all with one file system

• Super fast and secure due to Unique Non-destructive Virtual files

• Workstations have direct access to storage in a controlled environment

• Standard Ethernet and state of the art Fiber support up to serial 40 Gbps

• OPEN SQL database

• LTO/TSM integration for archiving


MXFserver, Media Management Suite

MXFserver, be in control

Media Manager


The media manager interface shows overviews of the servers, storage,

quota and project activity. Status can be monitored and easily adjusted.

The media management tool enables the user, apart from ingesting to:


•  Copy or move media files - to other projects, archive (LTO) or playout.

•  Delete media files in a project - Storing the project data for batch

   capture or complete delete.


Management of projects, users, functions and storage is part of the

MXFserver.net application, and can be accessed through the Administrator menu.


Storage Management


The management of storage and quotas can be monitored and

controlled in graphical overviews and exported reports. You can set

the amount of available storage, manage clients and implement

storage quotas. Export for (internal) invoicing on storage capacity

and to do analyses on storage use.


Increased flexibility, performance and cost savings through use of

an open standard, shared storage post-production platform.

NON Proprietary, Open Structure


All media files, project data, bins and settings are collected per project

in one container, which makes the media easy to access, manage, transfer and archive. Working according to this project based procedure improves editing performance, guarantees full continuity of editing and results in:


•  A small index

•  Quick response

•  Less defragmentation

•  Quick partial retrieval


The containers are shown as separate MS Windows directories, so the

IT manager can easily monitor, move and manage the media.

Windows Based


As Microsoft developer we have built MXFserver on standard proven

Microsoft technology what makes maintenance efficient and accessible.


Windows Server® 2008 R2 operating system / Windows Server® 2012 Server operating system and can connect to any related Windows application for example:


Adobe® Media Encoder, AmberFin, Harmonic ProMedia® Suite, Harmonic's Rhozet™ Carbon Coder®, Sorenson Squeeze® and Telestream Vantage/Flip Factory® to enable the transcoding of media files.


For easy communication with third party applications MXFserver uses

a SQL database and the server can be accessed through the use of

standard XML commands or a wide range of API’s.

Project Management


Set up and control a company (hierarchical) structure by creating,

editing and managing business units, sections, programs and episodes.

This enables you to securely separate customers content and projects.

Rights Management


Set up and control functions and users who receive password protected logins to access the MXFserver, media and key features.


Users of XL version can have a varying level of access to media folders including production specific permissions. Windows client users can be imported and synchronized with Microsoft™ ActiveDirectory®.



The MXF standard is the leading worldwide broadcast format. MXFserver works with MXF containers regardless of the codecs inside.


We support all codecs that can be in MXF containers as well as QuickTime.


It monitors, processes and controls MXF streams without any transcoding, enables direct connection, sharing, merging and scripted archiving.

Effective Archiving


The directory can be accessed without any additional hardware and software to create backups, for example on LTO tapes / XenData, or to transfer media to any Windows device such as a portable disk or laptop.