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MXFserver Xtreme & XL introduced

Recently we introduced MXFserver Xtreme & XL. This is a special version of the WORLDS MOST SECURE editing platform, designed for use at major TV networks and production studios with extreme needs:


• 100.000+ files per project

• MXF & QT formats in SD, (U)HD, 4K & VR

• Ethernet AND Fibrechannel storage

• Integrates also with EVS

• Parallel operation with Avid® Isis®

• Remote desktop editing ready

• Educational & Training features

• NEW: MXFserver VR features

• ANNOUNCED: Adobe® After Effects® Multimachine rendering


With the release of the 4.9 version of our software, we offer an upgrade plan to all our existing customers for MXFserver 4K or our Xtreme & XL 2017 version for extreme & enterprise use.

350+ editing clienst with EMC Isilon storage at Sheridan College in Canada



TASK-X Workflow Management

In addition to the featuresets of MXFserver as a collaborative editing MXFserver adds an extended Workflow Management system, which will be introduced at NAB.


This will automate tasks and assign functions to individual users or usergroups. Optional Task-X can be combined with axle Video.

Media Choice Media TV Xperience

For MXFserver Media Choice developed the Media TV Xperience. Media owners can now publish their ready to air content directly from the MXFserver platform to all kinds of platforms.


Scoop Network (by Film Content Company in Entertainment) and a group of regional TV stations in the Netherlands already launched this platform and can be experienced. Click here for more info or demo



Adobe After Effects® multi-rendering

MXFserver announced to introduce Adobe® After Effects® Multimachine rendering at NAB for its new MXFserver Xtreme & XL.


This enables rendering of major AE-projects in live After Effect Projects on external servers or serverfarms.