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Collaborative Remote Desktop Editing

Edit remote ‘as if local’ with extreme low latency from home, hotel, office or as freelancer.


• For Avid®, Adobe® & other NLE products

• Work remote from any Mac or Windows machine pc/tablet

• Supports also programs like Adobe® After Effects®/Audition®, Cinema 4D®, Maya®, ProTools®, Autodesk® and others


• NO proxy NO transfer of files back and forth

• Only 7 Mbps download speed required at location

• Intelligent adaptive technology for long distance use


• Requires on central location (available) editstations or Virtual Edit-server with enhanced graphic processing

• Empowered by MXF Remote Desktop Gateway server and MXFserver

• Optional parallel operations with Avid®

• Content fully secured by MXFserver on central storage

" For our promo-department this is what we waited for! We can have editors edit promos worldwide while the content itself is centrally stored safely and can not be touched (vitual file editing) and it does not leave our premises "


"The ROI is incredible as we save on travel expenses"


"We can hire the right talent from anywhere in the world as we need"



We DO offer you a 'DO try this at home' experience. Simply send us an email to sales@mxfserver.com with your name, company name and telephone number and we will provide you a free time-slot to log in.


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